Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Encik Liew Chong Tin dan isteri

It has been awhile, haven't update this place for ages. But due to request from Cris, who misses the wedding of Encik Liew, I have to curi some time, and do this post in the office, DURING office hours. So if I get caught, and lose my job, then I will fly to Australia and have myself a nice holiday, all at the expense of Cris!

Anyway, back to the story at hand, The date was set to 31th January 2008. I was informed of the occasion months ahead, bought my flight tickets, packed my bags and off I went, 2 hours and RM500 later, I reached Kuching, my home. I'm back for Encik Liew's wedding, the bugger arranged it to be 1 week before cny, so my trip back this time is also for cny holidays. This time, the GF came along.

My friend Encik Liew(aka lausu) is a plant supervisor(bigshot!) who lives and work in the jungle. He is a "san pa lau + lausu" but a very rich "san pa lausu". The last time I saw Encik Liew was during cny of last year, he's still pretty much the same except fatter, darker and more taukeh-like, other than that he is still the same old Encik Liew, yes the Encik Liew who watched "NBA" video tape and got the chicken pox the next day, I'm sure it must have been a great "NBA" match!

A little history about the Liews, Encik Liew and the isteri met in the university(or so I heard), graduated, came back to Kuching and started working. Encik Liew had a short stint with praxair and was stationed in 1st silicon which was where I used to work too. So once in a while, Encik Liew would call my office extension and invite me for a smoke in the club house(for those who dont smoke, club house here is referring to the smoking area of the company), ahh, those were the good old days when everyone were still in kuching. Now Encik Liew has moved to the jungle, me in penang and cris in aussie. Back to Encik Liew dan isteri, one day Encik Liew "ki siaw" and decided that he wants to move into the jungle, living off planting, harvesting, extracting and selling palm oil, the isteri(gf at that time) joined him and thats how they end up in the jungle being "sua pa lau".

It's 3 down 3 to go, half of the bird is cooked, only left me,khiong and cris who is still a bachelor. My guess is cris is next, hope he do it in australia and sponsor flight ticket for us to attend his wedding, correct cris??

Anyways, here are the pictures of Encik Liew's wedding. Enjoy!

Man of the day, Yang Amat Berhormat Encik Liew

Ah Liam(ah tau) who looks abit like Bruce Lee, acting like Bruce Lee, doing taichi early in the morning

Sure enough, YAB Encik Liew falls asleep during his wedding day, if we all remember he also fell asleep during ah pau's wedding...

Present giving ceremony

When he found out that his present is a mickey mouse pendant,wish him good luck in officially being the san pa lausu..he's gonna get his ass kicked!

The Transporter(hak milik pau's moon father)

over over this is lausu

All set and ready to go

Reached the hotel where Mrs. Liew's family is staying

YAB leading the way(see his cheeky face)

we met some "road-block"

Tried to settle it with duit kopi, but they were greedy...damn woman

forced to eat wasabi laddened sushi(all brothers have to eat....lucky cris!)

bruce lee couldnt take it....but ah khiong(weird guy) say its quite nice and he ate alot of it..told you he was weird

and yes ofcourse the classic drink from the bottle

pau loves drinking from the bottle

i now hand my daughter to you...lausu

pin on flower(watch the nipple)

settle already

bride unveiled

family ocassion

point of no return

point of total no return

lausu is now one of the tiongs

on way out back to lausu's house

happy couple pose

corridor of no return

another pic of happy couple

why must we have red umbrella?

YAB Liew and isteri

flower car

YAB have bruce lee for a driver

weird hakka tradition that the bride have to entee the house under the groom's arm

heading to the room..oh yeah!

cheeky YAB Liew

Damn cheecky la this guy

this is the potrait in YAB's room, his mole is missing hahahaha must have been edited by the photo studio

our pics, missing you cris!!

fell asleep again

woke up again

sweet sweet

look sleepy again....

sure enough..sleep again..

drink tea ceremony

cheeky face sial

a happy groom who dance

ready for the dinner banquet at the banquet

makan makan

me and the GF at the banquet

pau drawing cartoon at the attendance book

welcoming the guess

the happy couple

trying to be artistic

a happy bruce lee

in the hall

the stage

the main table

welcome to the wedding

the grand entrance

cut the giant cake

the serious table

malaysian chinese wedding dinner banquet will never be complete without an uncle or auntie singing karaoke

champagne pouring ceremony(taste horrible according to YAB)

yes yes yam seng....

ah lian loves beer....slowly turning into kwan yee ko

haha funny thing here....notice how everyone ignore YAB and isteri, they are at the background

see they are not even in the picture

see he is at the back....completely ingnored...

ignored again..



at the back there again

why do these people hate you??

good thing you have us good friends(btw kuan yee ko was there too)

yes us good friends

and thats where you place your good friends......the very very last table :(